Tips for Getting Along With Your Roommate

Living with someone can be a lot of fun but sometimes problems are unavoidable. No matter how different you are, sometimes the only way to live peacefully with someone is if you compromise. While you may spend all your time dreaming of living alone, here are some tips to help you get along with your roommates. Set rules  Even if it's not your first time living with someone, it's always smart to set some ground rules. These don't need to be complicated and can be as basic as creating a simple chore schedule. Taking the time to actually have a conversation with
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Your Guide to Smart Homes

Smart home products have become a new trendy buzz word in the last few years, but can be a bit confusing. Smart home products are great because they allow you to remotely control elements of your home while simultaneously making it more connected. If you're new to smart home products but want to learn a little more, here's your go-to guide for everything smart home related. You can also check out our list of some of the best products. Smart Speakers Smart speakers have come a long way in the last couple years and continue to improve. Google and Amazon both have great
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