Would You Risk Losing $27,950?

Have you ever thought about the actual value of your belongings? How much stuff you really own? You'd be surprised at how much it all adds up to! Which is why it's important to take an inventory of your things, in case something happens. But more importantly, once you've done so - you really should get renters insurance. Imagine if, for some reason, your apartment caught fire - totally out of your control, and now all your things are gone! What would you do to replace $27,950* if you weren't insured? We've broken down the value of a one bedroom apartment (all approximations
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How to Cut Costs as a Landlord

As a landlord, there are a number of ways you can minimize the risk of losing money on costs and expenses. It’s all about being proactive and eliminating potential risks before it’s too late. Here are some ways to do that. Choose the Right Tenants Make sure you screen your tenants to minimize risk. You want tenants who are good tenants, meaning tenants that pay rent on time, take care of their living space and respect their neighbours. Encourage tenants to refer friends to your property if you have open units (saves you time and money). Also, chances are your (good) tenant’s
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