The Best Ways to Share a Fridge With Roommates

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Living with roommates can be tons of fun and there's nothing better than living with your friends, but one thing that can cause major apartment tension is the fridge. You might be fortunate enough to have multiple bathrooms, but you'll rarely find a place with more than one fridge. We know that sharing a fridge between multiple people can be difficult, so here are some tips. Make a Plan When you're sharing a fridge with roommates, it's best to have a plan about what you will share and what you wish to keep for yourself. Whether or not you want
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Why You Should Require Tenants To Have Renter’s Insurance

Renter's insurance is something that every renter should have, but not all do. This may be because they simply don't know or they don't believe it is worth it. As a landlord, you should include a clause in your lease that makes renter's insurance mandatory. Requiring insurance in your lease will benefit both you and your tenants. Here are some top reasons insurance should be mandatory for your residents. Reduces Chances of Lawsuits  Tenants may be quick to blame you if anything happens to their belongings or apartment. The only way to actually protect their personal belongings is if they
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Spice Up Your Walls with Wallpaper

Renting an apartment can sometimes mean that you aren't allowed to change the walls. This can be hard when you want to change things up every once and a while but fear not! This does not mean that you can't add a little colour to your walls. Wallpaper is currently a popular trend and there are enough styles for every taste. Here are some of the best websites to order removable wallpaper from! Graham and Brown Graham and Brown is a great website that gives you access to hundreds of designs! You can browse the website based on colour and design
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What to Do if Tenants Stop Paying Rent

If your tenants think they can get away with not paying rent, then they will. Be sure to outline why paying rent late is really worse for your tenants then it is for you. If you have strict policies set out in your lease that address late fees then your tenants will be less likely to pay their rent after the date it is due. Here are some things to do if a tenant stops paying rent.  Grace Periods Grace periods are created to give leeway to your tenants for monthly rent collection. You should try to limit grace periods
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July’s Top 5 MoolaPerks

Why not take advantage of some of the hottest deals of the summer? We've put together a list of some of our top deals for July. Whether you're looking for new clothes or looking to use some vacation days on a summer getaway, we've got you covered. Here are July's top 5 MoolaPerks. Bark Box: Treat your pet this summer! Get $5 off new Barkbox subscriptions. This NY based company delivers monthly dog themed boxes to your door for you and your pup to enjoy. Click here to redeem this great perk. NA-KD: NA-KD is a go-to place for summer clothing
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How to Earn Money on Your Rent Payments

In big cities across North America, renting has become the norm as the price of real estate continues to rise. Luckily, with services such as RentMoola, you can earn rewards for your rental payments. Paying your rent via credit card not only gives you the opportunity to save with MoolaPerks, but also to earn some serious cash back with the right credit card. Choosing the right cash-back credit card is critical to maximizing your rewards. When looking for the right card, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, understanding the eligibility requirements will increase your chances of
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Where to Celebrate This Canada Day

If you haven't heard, this Saturday marks 150 years since Canada's colonies joined together as a country; however, the indigenous people of Canada have been here for much longer. Roll Up the Rim has come back for this occasion and many cities are putting on a number of Canada Day Festivities. Here are some festive drinks for your parties and what's going on on Canada Day. Whether you're staying home or venturing off to a big celebration, enjoy the day and be proud to be a Canadian. Ottawa The capital is the place to be this weekend! Many artists will
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3 Tips For Sustainable Living

For many, the thought of eco-friendly living might conjure up images of something like granola in mason jars and hemp hand towels. Whatever your impression of sustainable living, the important thing to note is that although it may require changing your normal routine, it’s really quite simple. To help you get started with your eco-endeavor, our friends at ABODO gathered 3 ways to help you incorporate sustainable living into your apartment life. Be More Energy Efficient  No matter where you live, it’s important to take stock of your energy use. With heating and cooling accounting for almost half of the
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How to Find a Roommate in NYC

New York City is one of the most vibrant places to live in the world. That said, it costs a hefty penny to live in this concrete jungle where dreams are made of. So how do the 8.5 million NYC residents make it work? To help offset sky-high housing costs, it is very common for New Yorkers to have a roommate (or several) well past their college years. Unless you’re bringing in large sums of cash, plan on having to cohabitate. That’s not to say this route isn’t without challenges. Finding a suitable roommate can be just as nerve-wracking as
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5 Upgrades for Your Rental Property

As a landlord, there are many things you can do to increase the value of your property. It is important to regularly make upgrades to your property and keep it current to attract new tenants and satisfy the current ones. Here are 5 upgrades that you can add to your rental property. Add a New Coat of Paint A new coat of paint can really spruce up any room and enhance the value of your rental property. Prospective tenants will be more interested in renting a unit that is well maintained. Every color evokes a different mood, and if you want
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