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Holiday Shopping Stats 2016

The Holidays are by far one of the busiest times of the year. Here's how people around the US spend their money and their time shopping! Happy renting and Happy Holidays from the team at RentMoola!
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Property Manager Tips for the Holiday Season

The holidays and winter in general call for a little bit of extra security and care for your tenants. Not only do the winter months bring on slippery sidewalks and slushy front entrances, it also brings in the in-laws and guests, who might now know the rules of your building. We’ve come up with a list of ways you can minimize the holiday risks and have yourself a happy holiday. Decorations Christmas trees are the go-to decoration for most tenants. Besides being pretty, they also can pose as a fire threat. Make sure to let your tenants know to keep
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Happy Holidays, Happy Tenants!

Let's face it, the holidays can be a stressful time. There's nothing better than coming home to a brightly decorated, cozy apartment. Even better, to an apartment that feels like home. Here are some helpful ways to engage with your tenants, to make the most of the holidays, and help to keep your tenants happy over the holidays. Decorate Your Lobby The lobby of your apartment is the first contact your tenant has when they get home from a long day of work (or holiday shopping). Help them get into the holiday spirit by decorating your lobby. Check out our
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5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home

Sometimes, living in an apartment can make you feel like a stranger in your own place. This tends to be especially true in the beginning. Making your apartment feel like home is achievable; a little elbow grease, smart shopping, and these 5 easy steps! Hang some artwork If you happen to be a collector of famous paintings or sculptures then by all means adorn your walls with those. If you’re more like myself and the majority of other apartment renters, then custom, self-created art will do the trick. An excellent way to personalize your apartment is to place knick-knack pieces
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How To Have A Healthy Building For Healthy Residents

Ever notice how most of the time that people are living healthy lifestyles, they're surrounded by an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle? For example, if your coworker tells you about their new running regime and how great it's making them feel -- wouldn't you be more likely to follow suit? Or if your new apartment has access to a communal garden, wouldn't you be more likely to grow your own produce? Lately, more and more people are seeking more healthy lifestyles. Fitness routines, healthy eating habits, communal hobbies like yoga and gardening. As property managers, it would be wise
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Cash Is No Longer King

Cash is no longer king in today's world, which is concerning to some but actually makes a lot of sense alongside the advancement of technology. Consumers have been increasingly using their debit and credit cards over the past 20 years. According to, consumers all over the world will have spent $1.4 Trillion more in credit that they will have in cash by the end of 2016. Apparently debit card use has increased by 8% and credit by 5%. This shift towards card use has come about due to a number of reasons, but mainly because it's become much easier to make purchases online and
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Your First Apartment Checklist

So, you've moved into a new place for the first time! Congratulations. We know how much of a struggle furnishing and stocking up on essentials can be, so we've compiled a list of all the things you'll need to fill up your place and live comfortably! There's nothing worse than buying a bottle of wine and not being able to open it because, surprise! You don't have a corkscrew. To avoid those moments of frustration we've split up each room for your convenience to download and check off using your smartphone or tablet! Just make sure you download the Adobe PDF Reader
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Top 5 Things to do in Vegas This October

If you happen to find yourself in Vegas this month, we've come up with our top picks of things to do and see! From the adventurous foodie to the adrenaline junky, there's something for everybody. The Adrenaline Junky Monster Energy Cup at Sam Boyd Stadium on October 15th showcases the world’s top supercross riders competing for the Monster Energy Cup, with a chance to win $1M. This 10-lap race will get that adrenaline pumping. You can also enjoy a full day of entertainment in the Pit Party – which includes a DJ, rider autographs, and other events. The Show Stopper Watch
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Would You Risk Losing $27,950?

Have you ever thought about the actual value of your belongings? How much stuff you really own? You'd be surprised at how much it all adds up to! Which is why it's important to take an inventory of your things, in case something happens. But more importantly, once you've done so - you really should get renters insurance. Imagine if, for some reason, your apartment caught fire - totally out of your control, and now all your things are gone! What would you do to replace $27,950* if you weren't insured? We've broken down the value of a one bedroom apartment (all approximations
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Top Property Managers to Follow on Instagram

Social media plays an important role in property management. It allows you to not only define yourself as a brand, but also communicate with your tenants and build relationships. It helps connect you with other property managers, tenants, residents and potential tenants and works as a really great portfolio for your residences. We’ve rounded up our favourite property management groups (in no particular order) on Instagram to connect with, and maybe give you a little inspiration. Kiki + Hans sun tanning ☉ #KitchenerWaterWho by @jerryrugg #birdO #globalstreetart #getyerart A photo posted by Domus Student Housing ® (@domushousing) on Sep 20,
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