Meet RentMoola: Ari “The Customer Success Sensei”


Nestled in the heart of downtown Vancouver and downtown Toronto, RentMoola team members can be found performing a variety of different roles that make RentMoola the well-oiled machine that it is today.

RentMoola “opened for business” in 2013 with just four full-time employees: Patrick Postrehovsky, Co-Founder and CEO, Phillipp Postrehovsky, Co-Founder and COO, Andrew McLeod, CSO, and Austin Woodward, Director of Customer Success.

RentMoola now boasts nearly 25 employees in our Vancouver and Toronto offices to make sure that our product is the very best that it can be, and make sure that our users have the Cadillac of customer experiences.

One by one, we’re excited to introduce our team members. Each member of our team is here not only because they’re ridiculously talented–but because they love what they do.


A huge part of what makes RentMoola an awesome experience for our users is the stellar customer service that they receive, largely due to the fact that Ari Diamond runs show in that department. Ari joined the RentMoola team in March 2014, he’d always been attracted to early & growth stage tech companies and loved the idea of RentMoola’s forward-thinking method to paying rent.

Ari ran his own startup for 3 years with his brother before joining RentMoola. They had developed an e-commerce gifting marketplace for smaller, independent retailers to offer gift registry, gift cards and expand their online shopping platform to over 300 stores across Canada. The two found a balance operating their company, like any ‘functional’ siblings would, they knew their place — Ari managed the operational aspects of the business — managing the retailer relationships and customer base, and overseeing tech, while his brother was involved in the sales, marketing and investment side of things.

The experience Ari gained is what made him perfect for the position of VP of Customer Success at RentMoola. Managing our largest property management clients, and developing and improving the processes for handling more and more tenants using the platform every month may sound like a lot for one person to take on — but in case you haven’t already noticed, Ari is kind of a big deal.


On a more personal note, sorry ladies, but Ari put a ring on it in mid-December to his lovely lady and wife-to-be, Carly. They live together in Toronto with their newest addition to the family, Kona, who is named after one of the Hawaiian Islands, is 7 months old, and is a pile of fluffy-puppy-cuteness that will transform any feeble human heart into a blubbering mess of melted goo just by looking at him:


Ari is crazy about 3 things: his fiancée, his puppy, (which we have covered) and basketball. To be specific, Ari is obsessed with the Toronto Raptors, you can find him at 15-20 Raptors games a year screaming his head off at the referees and chanting “D-FENSE” when the games get close in the fourth quarter.

If you’re thinking we only love working with Ari so that he will send us pictures of his puppy, you’re only kind of right. We also love his dynamic personality, his adaptability, his unwavering attention to detail, and the fact that he can do impersonations like no other! Should you get the chance to speak with him, I suggest you request his Morgan Freeman impersonation. He’s also just a really, really, really good fit with the team, and we’re happy to have him with us.

If the RentMoola life seems like something you’d be interested in, good news, we’re hiring for a Customer Support Manager in our Toronto office! Take a look at our Careers page and drop us a line!

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