Meet RentMoola: Lorena The Finance Luchador


Nestled in the heart of downtown Vancouver and downtown Toronto, RentMoola team members can be found performing a variety of different roles that make RentMoola the well-oiled machine that it is today.

RentMoola “opened for business” in 2013 with three powerhouses behind the wheel: Patrick Postrehovsky, Co-Founder and CEO, Phillipp Postrehovsky, Co-Founder and COO, and Andrew McLeod, CSO.

RentMoola now boasts nearly 25 employees in our Vancouver and Toronto offices to make sure that our product is the very best that it can be, and to make sure that our users have the Cadillac of customer experiences.

One by one, we’re excited to introduce our team members. Each member of our team is here not only because they’re ridiculously talented–but because they love what they do.


RentMoola is an online payments solution company, so it needs people who are experts with finances, which is why Lorena Sanchez Mejorada makes such a valuable addition to the RentMoola team as our Manager of Finances.

We know a few things for sure about Lorena, firstly, she has a really long name. Secondly, she lives to surf — she lives by the mantra that a bad day in the water is ten times better than a good day out of it. Other than that, she’s a bit of a mystery, so we asked her a few questions about herself.

When did you start working for RentMoola?
I started working for RentMoola in January of this year.
Why did you start working with RentMoola?
I started working with RentMoola because it is a great company and I truly believe in what we are doing. The idea of working with a start-up that is actively challenging and changing the system we operate in was something that really intrigued me. At the same time, I was very inspired by the RentMoola team because it’s filled with admirable people that I was excited to collaborate with.
What series of events led to you getting into financial management?
I was given the opportunity to take over the bookkeeping duties at the place where I worked during the summers when I was in school.  After that, I realized that it was something I enjoyed and was good at so, I went back to the books.
Tell us something totally random about yourself:
I love surfing in the winter.
If you could have 5 famous people over for dinner (dead or alive) who would they be and what would you serve for dinner?
The first human to ever set foot on this planet, Kofi Annan, Sally Fitzgibbons, Carlos Slim, Warren Buffett. I recently made a delicious quinoa salad and salmon dinner, so I’d have to go with that!


Lorena is an invaluable member of the RentMoola team, she keeps things in check with a smile and a great attitude. Also, she crunches numbers like a boss. Big ups to Lorena for her contribution to the team.

If the RentMoola life seems like something you’d be interested in, good news, we’re hiring in our Vancouver and Toronto offices! Take a look at our Careers page and drop us a line!

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