How to Save Money As A Student

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There's no way around it, university is expensive. Tuition alone costs a lot of money, but you're also going to have to add on the price of food, textbooks, and a place to live. There are a number of ways to save money without cheaping out so we have compiled some tips to help you save money as a student. Search for Discounts If you’re living in a student town, many local places will offer discounts whether it’s a coffee shop or the grocery store. Amazon also offers a free 6-month Prime membership to students who sign up with their school
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How to Keep Your Top Tenants

A strong tenant-landlord relationship isn’t something to be taken lightly and can often result in keeping tenants longer. You don’t ever want to lose tenants, especially not your good ones. Having a vacant apartment is expensive for you and not worth the headache so here are some tips for increasing tenant retention. Make it Beneficial If you know you have some good tenants that could potentially move elsewhere, give them something to stay. You don’t have to bribe your tenants, but you can give them a token to show them that they are appreciated. This could include a gift certificate to
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Handy Halloween Tips

Halloween is upon us and that means there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds: candy! Apartments aren't always kid friendly and it may not be the
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