June’s Top 5 MoolaPerks

Summer is here and that means it’s time to update to your summer wardrobe and enjoy the sunshine! With that in mind, we want you to have access all the great deals on trips, clothing, and more! Take advantage of any of these great offers. If you are planning on booking a hotel this summer, be sure to check out Expedia. You can save $50 on a 3 night stay over $500 with your RentMoola member discount. Head here for this great perk. Add some key pieces to your summer wardrobe and enjoy 15% off on all orders over $150.
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Best Amenities to Offer Student Renters

Student housing is a extremely profitable market and students tend to make great tenants because of their relatively little renting experience. They have little frame of reference and are often more easy going than other groups. Choosing where to live as a student often comes down to which apartment offers the best amenities and which one is closest to campus. Here are a number of amenities you can offer to your student renters to ensure they will choose your property. Laundry Services  When you're a student you don't always have the time or motivation to go to a public laundromat.
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