Tired of all of the “Best of 2014” posts? Neither are we!

Just kidding. Everyone’s tired of them. BUT here’s a recap incase you missed any of these gems in 2014.



Eliminate Travel Costs:
With the help from our friends at American Express, we’ve broken it down to 3 simple steps to maximize your points for travel, and fly to your favourite destinations for a fraction of the cost.

4 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Save Energy

We came up with 4 ridiculously easy ways to cut back on your heat and energy bills as the colder months are upon us.

What Type of Roommate Are You?

Something everyone can identify with! Party animal? Cat lady? Health nut? Exhibitionist? Passive aggressive note writer? Hoarder? Find out, in detail, what kind of roommate you (or your roommates) are.

Cool Renting Facts

Ever wondered which celebrities rent? Or what the most expensive, or least expensive city in the world to rent in is? Here you have it, in infographic form!

Writing Cheques Sucks

This infographic explains exactly how and why writing cheques SUCKS.



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