3 Reasons You Need Tenant Insurance


Your landlord has insurance and in the case of an emergency this will cover the building, but it won’t cover your personal belongings in the event of an accident. This is where renters insurance comes into play. We’ve rounded up the top 3 reasons why need tenant insurance.

Your landlord will appreciate it

More and more landlords are requiring tenants to have tenant insurance in order to sign the lease. Already having tenant insurance will help you stand out as a prospective tenant and may help you get the place of your dreams.

It’s very affordable

Many people think that tenant insurance is unaffordable but that isn’t actually the case. Tenant insurance can be as cheap as $19 a month! That’s basically the price of a few coffees and a bagel. You’d probably rather spend $20 a month on tenant insurance than spend thousands trying to replace all your things should an accident ever happen.

It covers everything

We know that life is full of surprises so with renters insurance, all of your belongings are covered no matter where they are. Whether they’re at your house, in your car, or with you on vacation everything is protected! Tenant insurance will also help you pay for any additional living expenses including accommodation, food and more if you are out of your apartment due to flooding or a fire.

RentMoola offers tenant insurance through HUB for only $19 a month. Get a free quote in minutes and find out how you can start protecting you and your possessions.

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