3 Ways To Strengthen Your Apartment’s Wi-Fi Signal


Everyone has experienced the pains of a weak Wi-Fi signal, and few things are worse than runnig around your apartment to try and make it stronger. No matter that size of your home, sometimes the connection just isn’t strong enough and needs some extra help. Here are 3 ways to strengthen your apartment’s Wi-Fi signal.

Change the Location

Moving your router may be the easiest way to strengthen your signal. People usually keep routers out of sight because they can be an eye sore, but this is often the cause of slow Wi-Fi. Placing your router on top of cabinets or tables will help to strengthen the signal. A helpful tip is to avoid metal objects as the signal can’t always penetrate them.

Add a Repeater 

Even if your apartment isn’t that big, sometimes your Wi-Fi signal doesn’t quite reach through your entire apartment. To combat this, you can install a repeater or use a DIY hack on your current router. A repeater is a device that you can plug into an outlet which will boost the signal strength and subsequently increase the range. Amazon has a number of high quality ones you can search. Modifying your current router is a great method If you don’t want to spend on a new repeater. Check out this thorough Lifehacker tutorial for tips to try it on your own.

Plan Usage

If your badnwidth isn’t great, it will probably significantly slow down when multiple people are trying to do too much at once. This can happen when too many people are streaming and downloading. If you can’t increase your bandwidth then your best option may be to coordinate with your roommates when they’ll be using a lot of Wi-Fi and work around it.


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