4 Most Attractive Amenities For Your Tenants

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The better the draw, the more likely tenants will be willing to switch to your property management company. Here are four of the most attractive amenities to provide for your tenants.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations 

More and more people are looking for their apartments to be pet-friendly. A notable response in our Sentiments of Renting 2018 Survey found that 64% of renters are either pet owners or would like the option to have pets in their apartment. Being pet-friendly will help you gain more tenants and may help to keep your current ones.


Another draw for tenants is an in-suite washer and dryer. 28% of tenants feel that a washer and dryer is the most attractive amenity in an apartment. It might be more expensive for you as a landlord to set up, but tenants will be willing to pay more in rent for the added convenience.

Adequate Security 

One of the most attractive features of an apartment is its security. A building with adequate security cameras and locks will help to make tenants feel safe. You should make sure you have proper lighting at all entrances and exits of the building.

Easy Rent Collection

Paying able to pay rent online is extremely convenient for your tenants. RentMoola lets you set up online rent collection for all your tenants to make paying rent rewarding. Your tenants will also get access to exclusive deals on some of the top brands like Trip Advisor and Swarovski through the MoolaPerks program.

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