4 Things To Look For Before Renting An Apartment


When looking for a new apartment to rent, it can be difficult to tell if you are getting a great value for your money or paying more than what the space is worth. There are several factors to consider before signing any paperwork or committing to a location. So that you don’t come to regret choosing the wrong space, here are 4 important things to take note of when looking for the perfect apartment.

Kitchen and Storage Space

One of the most important things to look for in a new apartment is how much room there is to store your kitchenware and food.

If there are very few cabinets, or cabinets with little space inside, you will either have to buy less food more often, or store your food on the countertops and in drawers which makes the space cluttered and messy.

If the kitchen has very few drawers, you may find yourself in a cluttered kitchen. This is especially true if you plan on sharing the apartment with other renters with their own kitchenware to store.

Look for large cabinets, and more drawers than you think you will need. They fill up quicker than you think!

Apartment Appliances

Another thing to look for inside the apartment is appliances that come with the price. Almost every apartment nowadays comes with a sink dish rack and refrigerator at the very least, but having other appliances that come with the apartment will make life much easier.

Cheaper apartments often do not come with a dishwasher. If you do not mind doing all of your dishes by hand, this might not be a hindrance, but if you are paying upwards of $450 a month without this essential appliance you may be getting a bad deal.

For the sake of making life easier, washing and drying machines are something to look for as well. If you don’t want to make trips out to the on-site laundry room, or drive to the laundromat every couple of days, this is definitely an important appliance to look for.

Amenities and Extras

Many apartments offer amenities and extras that might either sweeten the deal for you or be a waste of money spent on things you never use.

Many apartments have a swimming pool, hot tub, basketball court or tennis court on-site. These are often paid for with either a one-time activity fee or a higher month-to-month rental price. If you love to play sports and swim, having these additions very close by and included with the apartment will be a massive time and money saver.

If you don’t use them, however, the money you spend on the activity fees is wasted. Be sure to look for additions and amenities that you will actually use so that you are receiving the full worth of your rental.

Location, Location, Location

Finally, the location of your new apartment matters a lot as well.

For example, if you are a student, living somewhere with easy access to local public transportation systems may be essential, and while you may be paying much less to live further from campus, you will also have to find new routes to class.

If you live in the city and have to commute to work, it might be better to find an apartment in less crowded areas of the city so that leaving and getting back to your home is less of a hassle.

When it comes down to it, think about your needs first, and then find apartments that match them. Don’t go for the first decent apartment you find – plan to spend a couple weeks looking around, comparing options, and making sure that your new apartment does everything you need it to!

Written by: Matt Lawler

Matt Lawler is a lifestyle blogger, Internet marketing specialist and a graduate of Arizona State University. When he isn’t writing, Matt likes to enjoy the outdoors. He can often be found hiking, cycling or finding new ways to explore his home state of Arizona.

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