4 Types of Roommates to Avoid


Living with other people can be difficult, especially when you and your roommate(s) are very different people. Many of us have experienced a terrible roommate and while the stories make for good party material, it can be awful while you’re living with the person. Here are 4 types of roommates you should try to avoid when you have a vacancy in your place.

The Messy One

There’s no good way to put it – no one likes living with a slob. Even if they’re a nice person, it’s hard to get past their dirty habits. Having to constantly clean up after someone else can quickly end a friendship and cause high tensions in your shared living space. You don’t want to be stuck living with someone that is allergic to basic chores which is why you need to be upfront with potential roommates about how clean you are and what you expect from them.

The Sketchy One

If they’re bringing around sketchy people and are very vague about how they spend their time, it’s safe to say your roommate may be a bit sketchy. You want to feel safe and secure in your space and you don’t need the stress of not knowing what your roommate is up to and what kinds of people they’re bringing into your home. Trust is crucial in a roommate relationship and you need to feel confident that your roommate won’t disappear and leave the responsibility of paying rent to you. Before someone moves in, hold an interview and get a feel for the person before you decide whether or not they should move in.

The one with a significant other 

Having a roommate’s partner stay over every once and a while is fine, but it can become crowded when it’s every single night. This is a discussion you should have with your roommate ahead of time to determine what they’re comfortable with. Living in a shared space means you need to respect the other person, and having your significant other become an extra roommate isn’t ideal for everyone.

The Partier

It’s always fun to go to a party but it starts to lose its appeal when your house is always the party house. There’s nothing wrong with having fun every once and a while but it’s hard to live with someone that parties every night when you have to wake up at 6 a.m for work. It’s important to screen a roommate to ensure that your personalities won’t clash and you can avoid conflict.

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