4 Ways to Add More Storage In Your Kitchen


Storage is an essential element of a good kitchen. Not having enough storage space for your food and kitchen accessories can cause a headache and make it hard to navigate in your kitchen. When you’re living in a small apartment you’re most likely not going to have ample amounts of kitchen room but fear not! Here are some valuable space hacks to give you more storage in your small kitchen.

Knife Strips

Magnetic knife strips are extremely convenient and a great way to save space. Use your backsplash to your advantage and place your knives against that wall.

Adhesive Hooks and Strips

As a renter, you’re probably a pro at installing adhesive hooks that won’t leave a mark on your walls. Command strips can be added to your wall to hang pots and pans, and strips can be added to the sides of your fridge and the inside of your cabinets for extra storage space.

Add Shelving

Sometimes you might not have great cabinet space in your kitchen, which is the perfect opportunity to add shelving to your walls.

If you’re renting and worried about adding permanent shelves, you can always add shelf raisers which effectively increase your space. You can check out these DIY shelf risers for inspiration.

Add Wheels

Another great way to create space in your tiny kitchen is by adding a cart. Utility/kitchen carts are convenient because they can be moved around whenever you need a little extra space. Bar carts also give you some extra counter room which is a huge plus. These ones from Ikea are both modern and functional.


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