5 Simple Steps To Get Your Security Deposit Back


When the time finally comes that you are moving on from your current lease, you will absolutely hope to get back the security deposit you made at the beginning of your stay.  The deposit required to pick up your keys is often times at least a full month’s rent which you will need to place at your next home as well. Rather then destroying your residence and abandoning all hope of receiving this deposit in return follow these steps to save yourself time and hassle.

Know Your Lease Agreement

This is the most important aspect of getting your deposit back. Read through your lease agreement and find out the predetermined steps necessary to obtain this money. Every lease contains a clause related to termination, which will give you the clearly stated and signed requirements you must follow in order to get your deposit back. This is the most important step in getting your deposit, as this is the legal agreement you entered into prior to move in day.

Contact the Landlord

The next stage in getting your move-in deposit returned is to notify your landlord of your move-out date. Make sure to give your property manager ample time to find more tenants. You will want to make sure to not only give your landlord notice not only of your move-out date, but also that the place has been well-kept and you intend to collect the security deposit. This is a great time to check with the landlord about specific tasks to be completed in order to be granted the return of your security deposit. During this conversation you will also want to mention that you have reread the lease agreement’s clause on rental termination and plan to make take all necessary actions. Having this conversation early will only help you get your hard-earned money back!

Clean and Repair

During your stay at your rental property, undoubtedly, you have damaged and dirtied your home. A combination of day-to-day life and the occasional party are the common culprits of these problems. While the house should be as clean as possible and all notable repairs must be made, there are some commonly overlooked areas to take note of.

  • The paint on the interior walls
  • Inside your appliances
  • Bathrooms

Make sure to double-check all of these areas to make sure they are as perfect as possible. The paint on the interior walls may need to be replaced if it becomes too dirty or chipped. The inside of your stove, microwave and refrigerator will gather food particles and get dirty and should be cleaned intensely. Lastly, the every crook, corner and aspect of your bathrooms should look brand new before requesting the return of the deposit.

On top of this, make sure that NOTHING is left behind. Most renters find that it is easiest to leave unwanted items behind then to call a junk removal service. Leaving a pile of junk behind is a surefire way to forfeit any hope you had of having your deposit returned.

Finish Your Rent Payments

Another important step having your deposit returned is to make sure that you fulfill all promised payments to your landlord. Pay all the way through the remainder of your lease. It does happen, from time to time with young adult renters, that people think they can get away with avoiding the final payment.  This will almost certainly lead to legal trouble while abandoning all hope of regaining your deposit.

Return Your Keys

The final step required to receive a full return of your security deposit is to turn in your keys. This is commonly overlooked by tenants and can be very costly. I recommend calling your landlord, explaining the steps you have taken to get your deposit back, and arrange a time where you can drop the key off and pick up your money!

Bonus Tip: Preventative Maintenance

Besides all of the tips above, renters should work throughout the duration of their lease to make this process as easy as possible. This tip is just a friendly reminder to do what your mother has told you for years. Clean up every mess you make before you go to bed. Be careful when moving in and out as it only takes one lapse in concentration to severely damage the property. Cleanliness is the most difficult aspect of living in your first rental and you will learn very quickly the value in keeping things clean rather then cleaning all the build up.


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