5 Things You Won’t Believe You Can Do With $1000


So, at RentMoola we’re giving away a month of free rent worth $1500 to one lucky son of a B (enter now!), and that could be you! And sometimes the excitement of winning a prize that exciting can cloud one’s judgement, so we’ve gone ahead and found some of the most amazing things that you can do with $1000 (assuming your rent is about that much per month).

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5. Thailand- 30 Nights in a 5 stars hotel – $900-$1000

In Bangkok you could spend one month in a 5 star hotel for $900 – $1000. That includes accommodation for two people in a luxurious 5 star hotel room or studio/apartment. The equivalent New York City would cost a anywhere from $7000 to $20 000.

4. India – $1000 = Over 500 packs of Marlboro cigarettes

According to, a website with statistics for the cost of living aboard, in India a pack of Marlboro cigarettes costs $1.74. With a budget of $1000 you can buy up to 561 packets of Marlboro in India. This is six times cheaper than in the United States, where a packet of Marlboro cigarettes costs $6 – $1000 in the U.S. will only get you about 166 packets

3. Cambodia – $1000 = 1000 Restaurant Meals

In Cambodia the average restaurant meal, usually consisting of a generous plate of traditional food, costs $1. With a budget of $1000 you could, if you were so inclined, eat out at a restaurant for dinner, every evening, for almost three years! This is, at very least, 10 times cheaper than the U.S. where the average cost of a meal in a cheap fast-food restaurant is $10 – here, three years’ worth of daily restaurant meals at the lowest-budget option would cost you at least $10,000.

2. Philippines – $1000 = 2000 beers

In the Philippines you can buy one beer for $0.50, so a budget of $1000 will cover you for a total of 2000 beers. This is up to 6 times cheaper than the US, where the average price per beer is in the region of $3 to $4.Therefore, whilst in Cambodia $1000 will get your 2000 beers, in the U.S. the same amount will only buy you 300.

1. Travel to Central America & Mexico – $1000 = 1 Month of Travel

For those interested in a relatively low-cost introduction to the Spanish-speaking world, Central America is a solid option. And if you add Mexico into the mix, you might get stuck in this region forever. You could spend months traveling around most of Central America on a tight budget (less than $1000/month).

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