5 Tips to Improve Your Property Listings


Finding great new tenants can sometimes be a struggle, so our friends at Rooof  have given us 5 great tips to improve your property listing!

Check out these tried and true pieces of advice:

1. Write a unique title for every post.

It’s as simple as it sounds! Prospective residents are more apt to read your advertisement if it looks new and eye-catching. Thankfully Rooof’s ad-writing algorithm guarantees that each f your ads is given a unique and descriptive title.

2. Don’t spam!

Best practice dictates that at least an hour should be left between each post (new and renewals).

On that note, we also recommend avoiding words like “free.” It can sound like a scam to readers.

3. Word choices matter.

Focus on positive sounding words. For example, terms like trendy, comfortable, and open concept will garner much better results than “aged, cramped, and empty.”

4. Include a “call to action” phrase!

Ads that include phrases like “call us today” or “book your appointment now” perform better than posts without a call to action. We could explain why, but you’re here for writing advice and not a first-year sociology lecture. 😉

5. Always list the price.

The old adage “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it” isn’t always true. Not listing the price won’t just scare away those in a lower income bracket, it will also dissuade those who can afford the unit and would otherwise be interested.

Try out Rooof’s demo yourself at to see how Rooof can write you the perfect ad, every time!

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