5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home


Sometimes, living in an apartment can make you feel like a stranger in your own place. This tends to be especially true in the beginning. Making your apartment feel like home is achievable; a little elbow grease, smart shopping, and these 5 easy steps!


Hang some artwork

If you happen to be a collector of famous paintings or sculptures then by all means adorn your walls with those. If you’re more like myself and the majority of other apartment renters, then custom, self-created art will do the trick. An excellent way to personalize your apartment is to place knick-knack pieces you’ve acquired over time around the apartment. Drawings and small projects the kids have done at school are another great unique and inexpensive solution. Keeping in mind apartment size, these small, meaningful additions give any apartment the home-feel while not overpowering the space.


Buy custom furniture

Granted, when living in an apartment one must be selective when it comes to furniture. Since not every desired item will find its way into the apartment, the few items that do should be hand-selected and original. Choosing specifically designed furniture and decor puts your personal touch on the ambiance. Use room size and layout as a guide when making your choices. An oddly-shaped coffee table or abstract patterned rug are great options. Avoiding bland, basic patterns and colors truly makes a house, or in this case an apartment, a home.


Paint the walls

Every wall in your apartment presents an opportunity for you to express yourself. Most apartment complexes will allow you to paint the walls, as long as the walls are repainted the original colors before you leave. Many psychologists have studied the effects of colors on a person’s mood and the results are undeniable.If your apartment feels like something is truly missing, try painting the walls colors that remind you of home. If it sounds like too much work, just call a painting company. Some will get the entire place done in a single day!


Set up your bathroom

Sounds odd, right? Most tend to forget that a lot of time, if not most, is spent in the bathroom. Getting ready for work or a night out, showering and washing your hands after a couple hours of garden work, the bathroom is an important room! Nothing says apartment like a curtain-less shower or one roll of toilet paper. Take the time to stock your bathroom with the essentials; hand soap, towels, and a cozy shag rug in front of the shower. Investing some time and thought into this room adds the home-y feel we’re looking for.


Explore the neighborhood

This step is arguably the simplest and most fun. Familiarizing yourself with the neighborhood and surroundings provides a sense of stability and comfort. In most cases, apartments are confined in complexes which creates a bubble of sorts. Stepping outside the bubble and experiencing what the area has to offer makes you feel at home and engrained. I’d be willing to bet we agree knowing where the best restaurants are in town is crucial. Making local friends while you’re at it is a wonderful benefit as well! Get out and enjoy!

Guest Post by Clay Pitsenbarger

Clay is a freelance journalist who graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Journalism. In his free time, Clay enjoys anything outdoors and watching his Wildcats and Patriots play.

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