7 Things We All Do On The First Of The Month


The first of the month can be a difficult time for many of us, with upcoming payments to be made, chores to do around the house. Here’s a list of 7 things we all do on the first of every month.

1. (If you don’t use RentMoola) Realize that it’s the first of the month, rush home from work, scramble to find your check book, check your bank balance to be sure you have enough money to afford rent, call your landlord, decide on a meeting place, go to said meeting place, wait for an extended period of time for your landlord to show up, do the awkward rent check hand-off, continue with the rest of your day.

1. (If you use RentMoola) Revel in the fact that you don’t have to worry about writing out a rent check this month, or ever, because RentMoola takes care of that for you.

2. Go over your spending budget, and inevitably regret all the times you decided it would be a good idea to have those slices of pizza for dinner instead of making something at home.

3. Go over all the times you bought booze over the last month. Ponder the fact that you might be an alcoholic.

4. Begrudgingly pay your car insurance, and tell yourself (AGAIN) that you really need to invest in a bicycle or a bus pass.

5. Remind yourself that you should probably space out all of the payments that you have to make every month so that they don’t all come off of the same pay check (rent, car insurance, visa bills, Netflix, etc.)

6. Perform the monthly cleaning tasks, that we said we would do last month, but didn’t. (i.e. wash your bed sheets, unclog the shower drain (remind yourself to book a haircut appointment), etc.

7. Take. Out. The. Damn. Garbage.

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