How to Advertise Your Student Property


Back to school season is upon us! As a landlord, you want to get ahead of the search craze and advertise your property to prospective tenants. Students make great tenants and deciding that you will rent to them is a great way to increase your profits. Here are the best ways to advertise your student properties.

Go to the Source

Mobile marketing and in person advertising can really help promote your business. If you’re marketing your property management company on campus or at a local event, bringing free food will always draw a crowd. Whether it’s granola bars or baked goods, seeing food will entice people to come visit your booth and that is the perfect time for you to emphasize what makes your properties stand out. Besides a booth, you can also place flyers around schools and in public places to try and attract new tenants.

Engage on Social Media 

Students are very active on social media and it is in your best interest to create a social media page for your company. Engaging with students on sites like Facebook and Twitter will help to establish your company as a popular choice amongst students. Share photographs and links to your properties so students can comment and share your content to help promote your listings. Being present on social media will make you stand out and give you an advantage over some of your competitors.

Time it Right 

Most students start to look for their off-campus housing in February or March. You should ensure that your student housing is looking its best during this time and make sure you start to ramp up the advertising to generate interest in the property. Check in with all your tenants to determine if they will be renewing their leases or not, so you have a better understanding of the number of vacancies.

One of the best ways to attract student tenants is by offering online rental payments. Your tenants can easily pay their rent online, earn rewards on their credit cards, and have access to our exclusive MoolaPerks program. Head to RentMoola for more information.

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