Has Your Apartment Caught Up With The Times And Gone Fully Wireless?

RentMoola has partnered with a long list of brands and services to give our members deals and discounts on the things that they love!

What are a few of the things that our members love, you ask? Well, they love wifi, and talking on the phone, and they love saving money! Don’t we all? This is why we’ve partnered with companies like Scratch Wireless, Ting Mobile, Experience Headphones, and Wearhaus Headphones.


Our members are tech savvy, so they know their way around modern devices like wireless headphones and earbuds with bluetooth speakers. Which is why we give our users FREE Happy Plugs or Express Shipping from Experience Headphones just for being RentMoola members! Login to claim this MoolaPerk or sign up free!


Our members also love to talk, which is why we’ve partnered with Scratch Wireless. When you buy a Scratch smartphone, you never have to pay a penny for service. You get unlimited talk, text and data over Wi-Fi, with texting being free on cellular as well. If you ever need cellular voice or data, you can purchase a pass right from the phone for as little as $1.99. This all seems too good to be true, but it gets even better! RentMoola members receive 20% off their first smartphone! Login to claim this MoolaPerk or sign up free!


Another deal for those chatty Kathy’s out there is one we have with Ting Mobile. Ting is a new cell phone service provider, and it’s on a mission to help you save on your monthly cell phone bill. With no contracts, overages or penalties and an average monthly bill of $23 per phone, Ting gives you the flexibility you need to take control and start saving. RentMoola members, heads up! Receive $25 off a brand new cell phone or your monthly bill with Ting thanks to MoolaPerks! Login to claim this MoolaPerk or sign up free!


Our members love to talk, but they also love to listen! For this reason, we’ve partnered with Wearhaus Headphones to give RentMoola members 10% off Bluetooth headphones. Wearhaus is the world’s first Bluetooth headphones that let you wirelessly sync up music with multiple nearby friends. Login to claim this MoolaPerk or sign up free!

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