Make Your Apartment Easter Egg Hunt a Success


Easter egg hunts are a popular Easter tradition but many people living in apartments think that they can’t be done if they don’t have a backyard. Living in an apartment shouldn’t stop you from having fun so here are a few things you can do to make sure your apartment easter egg hunt is a success!

Make it challenging 

Since you don’t have ample space, the key to making the apartment egg hunt fun is to hide the eggs in places that are difficult to find. Being indoors gives you more places to hide the eggs and will ultimately make it more challenging for the participants. If you end up doing this, you may want to either keep a list or make a mental note of where you hide them so you don’t forget any.

Try something new

If you want to change things up a little you can even put together an Easter basket and create a scavenger hunt to find the basket. This way instead of searching for multiple eggs, you’re searching for one big basket! Try filling the basket with chocolates and other goodies.

Decorate the apartment

Decorate your apartment to make it festive and fun! This will get your egg hunters in the Easter mood for sure. Check out Country Living for 60 easy Easter crafts!

Bake some treats

Chocolate doesn’t need to be the only sweet you have at Easter! These mini Easter cake pops are adorable and tiny enough that you won’t feel guilty when you have 5. You can eat these by themselves or use them as cupcake toppers. These bright coloured bunnies are sure to brighten up your Easter party. Click here for the recipe.


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