How A New Apartment Is Like A New Relationship


It’s that special moment, you’ve got butterflies in your stomach and suddenly you can’t think about anything else except for that perfect… Apartment? Yes. There are striking similarities in the stages of the perfect relationship and the perfect apartment, and we’ve detailed them all for you. Along with some advice (to be clear, we are in no position to be giving dating advice, but we’re doing it anyway!)

Finding Your Type

All of your friends know you well enough to know you have “a type”. Lots of character, fun to be around, easy on the eyes, and in the right neighbourhood (because who wants to do long distance these days?)

You’ll go through several means of finding the right fit, and when you think you’re about to give up and become homeless (or celibate) you find it! Sure, you found it online, but it’s 2016 and that’s just how things happen nowadays. Sparks fly and suddenly you’re imagining your future together and all the wonderful adventures that are in store!

Right Place, Right Time

At this stage of your life you don’t need a car, so you need to be close to a transit route to get to work. If your new situation has you trekking across town just to get to work each day, you’re going to exhaust yourself and you’ll also never get to spend time together! Thankfully, this situation is the perfect fit for your work/life balance and meets all your needs.

Your Friends Approve

There’s nothing more flattering than when your friends gush over your new find. You don’t want to brag, but when it looks this good, you can’t help it! Words like “Amazing!” “Perfect fit!” and “So gorgeous!” are flying around like cherry blossoms in spring time and you can’t help but feel like the luckiest person on the whole damn planet.

Pets? No Problem!

You’ve got a dog so it’s important that that’s going to fly in this new endeavor. It’s also important to you that your dog approves of this new situation. We all know that when dogs are unhappy they tend to lash out in some unfortunate ways — having accidents in the home, chewing on things, etc. If suddenly you’ve got no time for your dog because you’re spending too much time out of the home, things could get very ugly. Thankfully, your dog loves it! You’ve actually got more time for your canine companion. Having movie nights in and going for hikes have become your new favourite passtimes and your dog couldn’t be happier.

Honeymoon period

Flash forward to 18 months in. The stars have aligned and life is sweet. You wake up every morning and think “How did I get so lucky? This is everything I want!” Your good mood has affected your work ethic, and BOOM! You just got promoted! How could things get any better than this?!

Sometimes, Your Wants And Needs Change

2 years in: Your promotion has required a lot more of your time, and it starting to put strain on things. Things at home are starting to suffer, there’s dirty dishes in the dink, there are repairs that you haven’t gotten around to and suddenly, you’re faced with an ultimatum. If things don’t change soon, everything will fall apart. 18 months ago things were perfect, but life has changed and suddenly you want different things.

Deal Breakers

You’re not willing to lose your job over this, you’ve worked too hard. It’s time to throw in the towel and make a hard decision. Try not to beat yourself up about it, these things happen every day and it isn’t the end of the world. You had a good run, you learned a LOT, and one day someone else will fill your role.

Take The High Road

Sometimes when things have a messy ending, and depending on how things are handled by all parties (landlords and property management included) — it can be very tempting to lash out. Some may go so far as to post about their situation on public forums (like Craigslist) and warn any future applicants not to get involved. However, no matter how it ended, it is always the best decision to be mature and professional, and only tell your closest friends all the horror stories.

Can’t Help But Wonder How They’re Doing Now…

It’s been 6 months since you moved on, and every time someone mentions “hey remember at your old place…” you can’t help but wonder how things are going. Every time you’re in the neighbourhood you look around to see what kind of shape things are in. Does anything look different? Is there someone new in the picture? Have I been replaced?

Your Replacement

One day you drive by on your way to work and you notice there’s a car in your old parking spot. You look closer and there’s a light on in your old bedroom, and a silhouette walks by. Someone has replaced you! Suddenly questions are racing through your mind, things like “who are they?” and “how long has this been going on?”. You start to look around at the place and wonder what’s different. Oh, a clown painting on the wall… That’s… Interesting. Some Nickelback posters in the bedroom? Really? And they replaced your gorgeous sectional with bean bag chairs?! Suddenly you start to realize that things happened exactly the way they needed to, and you got out before things got really, really bad.

Good riddance.peace

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