Best Amenities to Offer Student Renters


Student housing is a extremely profitable market and students tend to make great tenants because of their relatively little renting experience. They have little frame of reference and are often more easy going than other groups. Choosing where to live as a student often comes down to which apartment offers the best amenities and which one is closest to campus. Here are a number of amenities you can offer to your student renters to ensure they will choose your property.

Laundry Services 

When you’re a student you don’t always have the time or motivation to go to a public laundromat. Because of this, one of the most important amenities to offer students is free laundry. In-suite laundry is the best option but it isn’t always feasible. Including free laundry within the building is another great option that will definitely appeal to prospective students.


Everyone can agree that they spend a substantial amount of their time on the internet, and students are no exception. Offering Wifi within the rental takes the responsibility off the student tenants and makes life more convenient for both parties. Offering a strong and Wifi connection is a huge draw for any apartment and will be sure to attract tenants as not every landlord offers Wifi.

Common Spaces


This amenity is typically dependent on the type of building you run and the size, but open spaces are great areas to study in. These can be used by your tenants alone, or the perfect spot if your tenants want to host a study session. Having a comfortable place to study is very important to students and providing these spaces will be very beneficial for yot business.

Access to Technology

As a landlord dealing with students, they will appreciate if you allow them to use technology for requests and for rent. Dealing with millennials means giving them options and what better way to pay rent than doing so online. Allowing your tenants to pay online lets them pay their rent from anywhere at any time. Students are busy with school and will appreciate having the ability to set up recurring payments and never thinking about it again. Paying online also means you cut down on paperwork and save time focusing on running the property. Find out how RentMoola makes paying rent rewarding for you and your tenants.


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