Best Smart Home Products For Your Home


Smart home automation is becoming increasingly popular, and many new products are on the market. These devices can be remotely controlled and synced with other products in your home. So you can stay connected from anywhere, here are the 5 best smart home products.

Nest Thermostat

The sleek and stylish thermostat is a great way to monitor your home’s temperature from anywhere. Connect your tablet or phone and you can control up to 20 thermostats in your home! Being able to control your thermostat from outside the home means you can turn down the air conditioning when you aren’t there and save some money on your energy bills.

August Door Lock

This smart home lock comes in a variety of colors and can be added on to your current locking mechanism. It is Siri enabled for added convenience and is very easy to install. This excellent lock gives you an added sense of security in your home.

Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue lights connect to a hub and let you control them from your phone. These energy-saving lights come in a variety of fun colors and can transform any room. You can also connect these lights to other smart home systems like Google Home, Nest, and Alexa.

Nest Security Cam

The Nest cam is fully equipped with a swiveling and magnetic base that you can place anywhere. This cam has HD resolution, night vision as well as a microphone and speaker, and can be integrated with your other Nest products.

Belkin Wemo Switch 

This device is connected to your preexisting electrical outlet and lets you control whatever you have plugged in. Whether you want to set a time for your lights or make sure you unplugged that hair straightener, this handy device gives you peace of mind and lets you save some energy.

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