Is it Better to Live On-Campus or Off-Campus?


When you are in school, you are faced with the decision of living on campus or finding a place to live off of campus. Depending on where you go to school, most students live in residence for their first year and then choose to live off of campus for their second year. Residence isn’t strictly for first years and a number of schools have residences that are specifically catered to upper year students. Both living on-campus and off-campus have advantages and it really comes down to what suits you best. Here are the pros and cons of both on-campus and off-campus living!


The biggest pro to living on campus is that you are right in the heart of things. Being close to classes and other amenities is extremely convenient and means you don’t have to spend time commuting to school every day when your classes are minutes from your door. Living off-campus can be cheaper than residence but you risk being farther from school. If you decide you are okay with a longer commute, then living off-campus is a great way to save some extra cash.


Living in residence means you’re constantly surrounded by other students. Residence is a great way to meet new people and make tons of friends. Bonding between floors is often encouraged and you can choose to partake in extracurriculars with your floormates. The only downside to residence is that you aren’t always in control of who you live with and you may not get along with your roommate. You may be on a different schedule than the other person or people and this may cause tension. When you live off-campus you can choose your roommates and you often have your own room which guarantees more privacy.


Dorms often come furnished which means you don’t need to bring a ton of furniture! This is a big plus and saves you from buying a bunch of stuff. Another convenient aspect of living on campus is that all your fees are included and you do not need to pay you hydro, WiFi and heating separately. When you live off-campus you are responsible for paying all these bills yourself unless they are included in your lease. While it may seem inconvenient to pay these bills on your own, it usually ends up being significantly cheaper than your residence fees.

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