To Buy Or Not To Buy? Black Friday Edition


With the help of our good friend, the INTERNET, we’ve gathered the 4 items to buy on Black Friday.

Additionally, since we were feeling particularly helpful, we’ve gathered 3 items NOT to buy on Black Friday. Get a pen!

4 Items to Buy

1. TV’s

According to Brad Wilson (founder of Brad’s Deals, the world’s largest editorial deals site) “the price on TVs is falling through the floor.” For example, a Samsung 55-inch TV is “by far the lowest” price he’s ever seen for that product, normally selling for $1, 399.99 and now at a more comfortable $899.99 at Best Buy. However, what’s being considered THE Black Friday deal of the season is a 50-inch Panasonic TV for $199.99 at Best Buy. Keep in mind, you should definitely do your homework and strongly consider quality before making any purchases. Many stores sell lesser versions of products, specifically designed to be sold at cheaper-than-cheap Black Friday prices. “Stores don’t ‘decide’ which products go on Black Friday sale,” says Wilson. “They conceive those products.” He added that stores work with manufacturers to build specific TVs, for example, that can be produced at a lower price. This often means downgrades like less plug-in ports, lower picture quality, and fewer “smart” features. So while your deal may be a great one, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s the same product on shelves during the rest of the year.

2. Vacuums

Walmart is selling Dyson vacuums for $199 – normally upwards of $299. Lowes’ DC65 Animal is also on sale for $449, and keep an eye out for Hoover and Shark vacuums, both are great models and there will be good deals this Black Friday.

3. Mixers, slow cookers, toasters, coffee makers and other small kitchen appliances

Toasters, coffee pots and waffle makers usually get heavy markdowns. Most of the time, the markdowns are on reputable name brands, but the cheapest prices will not be on their most expensive products. They discount their cheaper lines above the premium ones. That being said, the deal to beat is KitchenAid’s stand mixer at Kohl’s, with rebates and a special Kohl’s Cash offer considered, the price comes out to just $114.99. And look for JCPenney’s $7.99 slow cooker and 12-piece Cuisinart knife set for $17.99. Basically, anything you might keep on your kitchen counter is fair game. While major brands offer discounts on more expensive items like fancy coffee makers, you’ll find better deals on the cheaper stuff, like utensil sets.

4. Tools

Home Depot has a lot of great deals on tool sets, for example, a Dewalt drill kit for $50 off. They also offer discounts from special coupons that you can access by clicking here.

3 Items NOT to Buy

1. Linens

The holidays are a popular time for families to visit from out of town and bunk with their relatives, which is often incentive for people to go out and buy new linens before they host. This isn’t much incentive for retailers to discount their linens. You’re better off waiting till January for the “white sales” where sheets, towels, blankets, bath and bed accessories go on major markdown. Save your Black Friday cash for that.

2. Furniture

You may think that because it’s off-season that patio furniture might be a good idea to buy on Black Friday, however, the best sales are at the end of summer around Labor Day. It’s also not an ideal time for indoor furniture, new models typically hit the store in February, so January is an ideal time to buy living room couches and chairs.

3. Fridges, washing machines and other big appliances

The best time to buy dishwashers and washing machines is early fall, when new models come out, and the ideal time for fridges is May. However, stores like Home Depot, Sears, and Kmart are offering Black Friday deals that totally rival typical end-of-year costs. So if you really need a big appliance, then go for it.


Of course, with great sales comes great responsibility. Be sure to do your homework on all of the products that you are shopping for, buyer’s remorse is REAL! So from all of us at RentMoola, happy renting, happy shopping, and happy holidays!

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