Moving right along in our series The Many Faces of Roommates, we bring you The Bookworm. This roommate is relatively harmless, they stay in a lot and generally keep to themselves, as reading isn’t really a social activity (unless it’s with members of their book club).

This roommate has a collection of books that would be taller than Lebron James if you stacked them all on top of each other. This roommate likely takes Harry Potter very seriously, and whenever you overhear someone say ‘it’s just a book’ you brace yourself for war. They also probably own a Kindle.
The nice thing about this roommate is they’re easy to shop for on their birthday and around Christmas time, and their noise level is never really a cause for concern because reading isn’t really a loud activity (but their book club meetings are).
If you’re living with a Bookworm roommate, feel free to tag them to show them how much you appreciate their literacy. Read on, Bookworms, read on!
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