Breweries, Horseback Riding, TACO FESTIVALS?!


The area is known for high-end resorts, Jack Nicklaus-designed golf courses and vibrant nightclubs, but the city’s biggest attraction may be the sunshine and winter warmth. Phoenix is a city rich with art and culture, resorts, shopping, nightlife, attractions and events, all surrounded by beautiful desert agriculture. If that’s not tantalizing enough, here’s a list of some of the most popular things to do when you’re in the sunny state:


  1. Take a Brewery Tour in the Phoenix area

  2. Take a horseback ride through the desert on South Mountain (south of Phoenix) and get the cookout ride!

  3. Check out the world’s first global Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix (

  4. The Arizona Taco Festival is held every October, and you can try tacos from over 50 vendors

  5. If you are really into hiking, you should hike the seven summits of Phoenix

  6. Eat pizza at the famous Pizzeria Bianco

  7. Catch a unique film and craft beer at FilmBar

  8. The best venue for live music events is Crescent Ballroom

  9. Four Peaks might be one of the best breweries in the country

  10. Check out Phoenix Comicon every year in Phoenix

Sunshine, horseback riding, breweries, pizza… If these things don’t satisfy you, well, perhaps you’re crazy. RentMoola is all about rewarding our members, and in this case, we’re rewarding you with knowledge! Tourism knowledge! And you just thought we were a pretty face… Guess again! We’re coming up with tasty bits of information about all the different places where RentMoola members are living every week! Stay tuned!

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