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In just under a year I’ve learnt so much about the property management industry, the good, bad and ugly. I’ve realized that RentMoola has the opportunity to give the industry a leading technology payment network platform and give tenants a better way to pay. RentMoola offers our service to the property management industry and landlords at no cost for the basic reason that these businesses have very tight profit margins and yet they value the ability to offer their tenants new technology, services and choices. Of course, in an ideal world landlords would love to pay for credit card acceptance but unfortunately they cannot cover this cost and therefore we have negotiated the best service fee rate possible that strikes a balance between running a business and giving people more payment options that reward them as well.

Those mile hungry users like myself gain rewards and miles faster for trips and also can upgrade to more premium levels of rewards and more and who can argue with a free trip in business class once one a while, that free ticket more pays for itself and any service fee you pay!

With access to our MoolaPerks program our service fee is completely offset for users that choose to pay via RM direct debit for $2.00 per payment. Many banks in Canada charge $1 to $3 for online email transfers and for cheques, we make it all paperless and easy and give you something back just for making a regular payment.

We certainly do not advocate for anyone to misuse or get themselves into trouble using credit cards, however for millions of expats and others around the world, myself included, our service provides a faster, cheaper and a more convenient way of paying rent and other related payments rather then time consuming and expensive wires, trips to the bank, Paypal etc. that leave you stressed out, frusrtrated and not very rewarded at all.

Patrick Postrehovsky

The author Patrick Postrehovsky

Patrick serves as RentMoola’s Co-Founder and CEO, he's also an airline nerd and travel aficionado and global expat having rented in Melbourne, Shanghai, Toronto, Vancouver and now London. Besides driving the change in how people make real estate payments more rewarding around the world, he is currently working towards saving up his Asia Miles for a trip to Hong Kong and donating his Aeroplan miles to Aeroplan'€™s Beyond Miles program.

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