Can I Pay Rent Without a Check?


Paying rent each month can be a hassle, especially when your landlord wants you to pay rent with checks. Fewer people carry checks nowadays and it’s not always convenient to order them from your bank and wait for them to arrive. You may find yourself asking “can I pay my rent without a check” and rest assured the answer is yes! There are a number of ways you can pay rent other than using checks that are more convenient and far more rewarding for you as a tenant. Paying your rent with checks isn’t rewarding but many other methods are!


Normally you don’t want to pay rent with cash because it’s hard to track and easy to lose but RentMoola makes it simple and offers RM Cash. Tenants will be able to make same-day rent payments with cash or debit by scanning QR codes.

Pay online

Paying your rent online is a great alternative to paying your rent with a check. Younger renters are moving away from checks because paying rent online is more convenient and allows you to pay you rent from anywhere. The ability to schedule recurring payments means that you can set it and forget it. Whether you’re on vacation or just have a busy life – recurring payments allows you to focus on what’s important and not worry about ever paying late.

Paying rent online is also a great way to earn extra points on your rewards cards. Your rent is a large monthly payment which which means your points can start to add up quickly and you can either book that Europe trip you’ve dreamed of or get cash back.

Another great benefit of paying rent online is increased accountability. You have real-time updates on the status of your payments and when they were made. This means there’s no paperwork and everything regarding your rent payments is in one place on your account.


Find out how RentMoola lets tenants pay online to make rent rewarding.


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