Can Your Landlord Restrict Guests?


Many residents are no stranger to having some people crash in their apartment for a night, or maybe even for a little while. Perhaps a friend is visiting from out of town, or had too many wobbly pops at your sweet mixer last night, or maybe your sister just went through a terrible breakup and needs somewhere to stay till they get back on their feet. But sometimes, a “little while” turns into several months, and you have no issue with hosting, but you’re beginning to wonder if your landlord is concerned about how many tenants are living in your unit. You need to know your rights before something like this sneaks up on you.

Can your landlord request a fee for overnight guests?

Short answer? Usually no. For example, in British Columbia, the Residential Tenancy Act states that residents are allowed to have overnight guests free of charge, but what you will need to be aware of is the contract that you signed with your Landlord or Property Manager. And also, be aware that these rules may vary depending on where you live, and what type of facilities you’re living in. So if this has come into question, check the laws in your province or state, or talk to a lawyer.

Can your landlord increase your rent if you have guests staying in your home?

It’s your home, and you have the right to have guests. However, your landlord may object if your guests stay for too long, or appear to be living with you. Again, we recommend checking your tenancy agreement that you signed upon moving in to see if it has a clause about the number of occupants allowed under the agreement. Some agreements vary, but be sure to practice common sense and keep your landlord’s wishes in mind when you are making executive decisions with your home.

Where’s the line between a Guest and an Additional Occupant?

This depends on your tenancy agreement, so if this has come up, it’s your responsibility to know all of the details that you signed off on upon moving in. There is no right or wrong answer in these circumstances, so best do your homework.

Where can I find the nitty gritty details of the Residential Tenancy Act?

You can find this where you can find all information these days… On the Internet of course! Here’s a resource we found for our hometown to learn, but each Residential Tenancy Act is available online for the public if you search for it. It’s important to know that if there is anything that is in your tenancy agreement that’s unclear to you, be sure to ask a lawyer for legal advice.



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