June’s Top 5 MoolaPerks

Summer is here and that means it’s time to update to your summer wardrobe and enjoy the sunshine! With that in mind, we want you to have access all the great deals on trips, clothing, and more! Take advantage of any of these great offers. If you are planning on booking a hotel this summer, be sure to check out Expedia. You can save $50 on a 3 night stay over $500 with your RentMoola member discount. Head here for this great perk. Add some key pieces to your summer wardrobe and enjoy 15% off on all orders over $150.
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Tips for Starting a Balcony Garden

No matter how much space you have, adding a garden to your balcony is a great way to brighten your apartment and who doesn't love eating homegrown fruits and veggies. Even if you don't think you have enough space you'd be amazed at what can grow in small spaces. Here are some tips to help you get your garden started. Choose Your plants wisely When you're working with a small space, you need to choose what to plant according to the space you have. Not everything thrives in a small area, but thankfully there's many plants and vegetables that do. Herbs are a
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4 Types of Roommates to Avoid

Living with other people can be difficult, especially when you and your roommate(s) are very different people. Many of us have experienced a terrible roommate and while the stories make for good party material, it can be awful while you're living with the person. Here are 4 types of roommates you should try to avoid when you have a vacancy in your place. The Messy One There's no good way to put it - no one likes living with a slob. Even if they're a nice person, it's hard to get past their dirty habits. Having to constantly clean up after
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Best Amenities to Offer Student Renters

Student housing is a extremely profitable market and students tend to make great tenants because of their relatively little renting experience. They have little frame of reference and are often more easy going than other groups. Choosing where to live as a student often comes down to which apartment offers the best amenities and which one is closest to campus. Here are a number of amenities you can offer to your student renters to ensure they will choose your property. Laundry Services  When you're a student you don't always have the time or motivation to go to a public laundromat.
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4 Ways to Add More Storage In Your Kitchen

Storage is an essential element of a good kitchen. Not having enough storage space for your food and kitchen accessories can cause a headache and make it hard to navigate in your kitchen. When you're living in a small apartment you're most likely not going to have ample amounts of kitchen room but fear not! Here are some valuable space hacks to give you more storage in your small kitchen. Knife Strips Magnetic knife strips are extremely convenient and a great way to save space. Use your backsplash to your advantage and place your knives against that wall. Adhesive Hooks
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3 Ways To Strengthen Your Apartment’s Wi-Fi Signal

Everyone has experienced the pains of a weak Wi-Fi signal, and few things are worse than runnig around your apartment to try and make it stronger. No matter that size of your home, sometimes the connection just isn't strong enough and needs some extra help. Here are 3 ways to strengthen your apartment's Wi-Fi signal. Change the Location Moving your router may be the easiest way to strengthen your signal. People usually keep routers out of sight because they can be an eye sore, but this is often the cause of slow Wi-Fi. Placing your router on top of cabinets
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9 Homemade Cleaners You Can Make Yourself

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness." This famous saying is the main motto for our clean-conscious readers out there. Having every hook and nook of the house completely spotless is quite a challenging task and needs a huge amount of dedication, effort and time. If you find your commercial cleaner to be ineffective or very costly, then do not worry because the solution for this lies within your home only in the form of homemade cleaners. Just like Grandma’s remedies, homemade cleaners are fast, inexpensive and effective remedies for cleanliness. This article will detail our readers about 9 such homemade cleaners
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How to Handle Messy Tenants

Whether you like it or not, at some point in your property management career you will encounter messy tenants. Above all, the fear of messy tenants is that they will damage the unit and bring down the value of your property. Your property is your business and it's easy to take messy tenants personally. Here are a few ways you can handle messy tenants. It can be somewhat difficult to identify which tenants will be dirty before they sign the lease unless you have a firsthand account from previous landlords. A good screening may help to weed out the people
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Can I Pay Rent Without a Check?

Paying rent each month can be a hassle, especially when your landlord wants you to pay rent with checks. Fewer people carry checks nowadays and it's not always convenient to order them from your bank and wait for them to arrive. You may find yourself asking "can I pay my rent without a check" and rest assured the answer is yes! There are a number of ways you can pay rent other than using checks that are more convenient and far more rewarding for you as a tenant. Paying your rent with checks isn't rewarding but many other methods are!
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The Wonderful Things Natural Light Brings

Let’s face it: we’re pretty dependent on artificial lights nowadays. Whether we’re at home or the office, CFC and LED bulbs light our way.  While it’s perfectly normal to have them burning bright during the day, we still can’t help but think it strange considering there’s a light source outside that’s infinitely much brighter: the sun. What if we let more of it inside out homes? Natural light, after all, brings so much more than illumination. Let’s take a look at the wonderful things natural light brings. Sunlight benefits our health Our health can benefit a lot from sunlight. We
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