How to Clean Your Apartment Windows

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Having large windows is both a blessing and a curse. These huge windows often give you a great view, but the downside is they can get dirty very easily. Having dirty windows is really common, but everyone would prefer to see onto the street if they could. If you’ve had enough of streaky windows in your apartment, here are some tips to clean your apartment windows.

First Things First

Before anything you need to determine whether or not you will wash your windows yourself, or hire a professional window cleaning service. It can be difficult to reach certain windows, so to be safe it might make sense to call in the professionals. Hiring someone to do it for you can be fairly expensive, but worth the extra money if you have a killer view that you want to enjoy.

If you decide you’re up to the task of washing them yourself, then you should start up prepping the windows and surrounding area. Before you even start, check out this recipe for an all natural window cleaner.

Once you’ve got your solution ready, it’s time to break out the vacuum! It’s best to take your vacuum to the window frame around the glass to clean away any debris or dirt. Doing this before you start washing the windows means you have less work later on.

Time it Right 

While you may want to clean your windows when there’s lots of sun, this may not be the best decision. Cleaning your windows where there’s a lot of direct sunlight can cause streaking since the windows are hotter. Best time of day to wash them is when the sunlight isn’t directly hitting the windows.


A squeegee will help to ensure that you don’t end up with streaky windows. For the ones that are tough to reach try a magnetic window cleaner. This two piece system lets you place the smaller part on the outside window and the larger part on the inside window. The magnets hold the two pieces together so you can easily clean both sides at once.

Once your windows are looking all spiffy, you can decorate your apartment with different accessories and furniture. Head to our MoolaPerks page for all the best deals.

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