Clean Has Never Been So Easy (And Affordable!)


Technology has made our lives easier – from booking transport to ordering food, everything is just a click away. Helpling agrees with this trend, and that’s why they’ve created an online booking service for experienced, professional, and trusted cleaners available through their website and a mobile app. While your home is being made spotless, you can enjoy more free time for yourself to do the things that you want to do!

Helpling, like Uber, allows users to book a cleaner online and pay automatically through the platform once the job is completed.

And like Uber, the customer can review the cleaner. Also similarly to Uber, there are multiple background checks for the cleaners, for peace of mind for their customers.

Helpling opened a Toronto office for business services and marketing. Helpling went live with its local website and, shortly after, the first home was cleaned in Canada’s largest city. From their offices in Toronto, the Helpling team has already managed to provide its service to hundreds of Canadian homes. The local team is eager to make these services available to every Canadian home with current plans to expand to other major cities.

To learn more about Helpling and their services, visit their website.

But wait! There’s more! Helpling has partnered with RentMoola to offer RentMoola members 1 hour of FREE cleaning! And what better time to let someone else do your dirty work while you’re out having fun, than summer?!

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Need more convincing? Helpling released an infographic explaining Toronto’s dirty little secret!

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