Coming April 2015: RM Cash


Next month RentMoola will be introducing RM Cash.

RM Cash will allow our users to make any one time payment with CASH in real-time. Let’s say, your rent is due in two days, but you’re going out of town tomorrow so you won’t be able to connect with your landlord in person, and it’s 10:00pm and you only have cash, this is where RM Cash comes in handy! RM Cash allows users to make cash payments easily at a local store, like 7-Eleven or Ace Cash Express.

RM Cash enables users to generate a payment slip directly from the RentMoola website on their mobile phone or computer, so that when a tenant needs to pay with cash, they just go to the nearest participating retailer (find a location closest to you here), at any time of day, 7 days a week. Landlords are instantly notified when they’ve received payments, and it’s as quick as buying a slurpee! Here’s what you need to know:



This is just one of the many ways that RentMoola is working to make your rent payments easier, and more rewarding. For more details, visit the PayNearMe website, or go to

Happy renting!



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