Your Connected Home: Smart Water Sensors


We all have smoke detectors in our homes to warn us if there is a fire.  But did you know the biggest threat to your home is water?   Now you can have peace of mind with smart water sensors.   These smart devices will alert you if your home springs a leak, so you can take action quickly.

Water can enter your home from a number of places:  a burst pipe, leaking sink, broken washing machine, or a clogged toilet.  If you live in an apartment, you don’t only have to worry about these happening in your home, but also in units around you.

When it comes to water, being proactive is your best defence.  A water leak can go undetected for hours and cause extensive damage.  A smart water sensor can send an alert to your mobile or tablet to warn you about a potential water issue.  Once you receive an alert, you can spring into action.  Have a family member, friend, or landlord check in on your home and attend to the problem right away.

There are a variety of smart water sensors available that boast different features and requirements.  A little bit of homework can identify the right sensor for you.  With great options ranging in prices from $20 to $80, there is something in every price point.

Even with smart water sensors, sometimes the water damage can be substantial enough to cause damage to your belongings. Repairs may also take a long time and you might need to move out temporarily. Insurance helps cover these expenses for minimal cost.

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