How to Create A Safe Living Space for Your Tenants


It is your responsibility as a landlord to provide a safe living space for your tenants. People want to live in a a place where they feel safe, and they may seek out alternate housing if they don’t feel safe in your building. Whether your rental unit is situated in a sketchy area or you’re worried your building’s security isn’t as great as it could be, here are some tips to help you create the safest space for your tenants.

Screen your tenants

Before you accept tenants, you should run a background check on them to ensure they aren’t known criminals or known for causing trouble. This will put you and your current tenants at ease knowing that the people in the building are relatively safe. Word of warning, a background check might not reveal everything so ask prospective tenants for references that you can contact for a more holistic picture.

Encourage Safety 

Encourage your tenants to be safe and lock their doors and windows. You may even recommend that they install a smart home security system or perhaps even a camera. You can check out smart home products blog for some inspiration. Your tenants will be more inclined to upgrade their units for safety if the building is equally safe.

Be prepared

While you hope this never happens, you may want to give your tenants an emergency number that they can contact you at directly. This may open you up to unwanted calls in the middle of the night so give it out sparingly. Preparing for the worst may seem morbid, but you will be relieved to have a plan if anything ever happens. 

Upgrade lighting

Improved lighting around your building will make your tenants feel safer. Make sure there are working lights outside and inside all doors and exits for added security. Motion sensor lights are a good option and relatively easy to install. Hallways and any common rooms should also be adequately lit for tenants.

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