How to deal with pests in your apartment

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Pests are everyone’s worst nightmare! No one wants to share their home with an uninvited guest of the insect variety. You can have a very clean home, but that doesn’t always mean you’re safe from pests and critters. While mice and cockroaches may be drawn to food crumbs, bedbugs and other small insects can come from anywhere. Finding bugs in your apartment can be a serious hassle, but catching them early gives you a fighting chance. Here are some tips for fighting the unwanted pests you may find in your apartment.


Since the cost of pest management can be so high, you should always try to prevent pests as much as possible. Keep your home clean and vacuum or sweep regularly. These bugs want food and water, so ensure you don’t ever have any stagnant water lying around your house. Your landlord may conduct regular maintenance to the building that can help prevent any pests from hiding in cracks and holes. You can take it upon yourself and check your apartment for any insects and inspect your mattress and bed frame for any bed bugs as well.

Once you find them

As soon as you think you have a pest problem, create a plan of attack. Some infestations like ants or fruit flies might be things you can handle on your own, but more serious things like bed bugs and cockroaches may require you to call in an exterminator. If you do find a pest you can not identify, keep it in a container and confirm with pest control. Acting quickly is essential once you find bugs. If you catch the infestation early, it will be a lot easier to get rid of them.


Who is responsible for covering the pest control costs, should you encounter any, depends on the type of pests and where you live. Your landlord is responsible for providing you with a clean and habitable apartment or home. If a landlord can prove that your apartment is infested due to your negligence, like ants because you’re messy, then you may have to pay for the removal. You should always check your lease for specific clauses regarding pest control. The price of getting bed bugs removed from your home should usually be covered by your landlord, but they may be hesitant to foot the bill. You will want to get rid of bugs as soon as possible, so even if your landlord will not cover the costs, pay for it yourself and send them the bill later if need be.

The price of pest management can vary widely and depends on the kind of infestation you have. If you have a small infestation that is confined to one room you may be looking at a couple hundred dollars, but bed bug infestations mean you have to spray every bedroom and can cost thousands of dollars.

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