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Here’s a sad fact: 88% of people give up on their new years resolution every year. I’m not even kidding. That is a real fact, and the proof is here. I doubt you even clicked that link because the fact is, we have all given up on new years resolutions at one point in our lives, so that statistic isn’t that unreasonable.

It’s our own faults, really, we make these crazy goals for ourselves like “travel to every continent in the world in one year” or “eat every meal with chopsticks” (that was mine in 2009, it lasted a good 4 days — I’m not proud.) So it’s no surprise that our new years resolutions are not attained, we make them unattainable!

Let’s make this year different! A concept came across my desk today that sounds efficient, therapeutic, AND doable! These are basically the trifecta of AWESOME.

Ready for it?

Here it is.



Email bankruptcy is the practice of deleting your entire email inbox. Yes. The ENTIRE inbox. DELETE.

Let’s practice it slowly together…

Select ALL –> Delete –> Are you sure? –> Yes!

Just like financial bankruptcy, email bankruptcy requires wiping all of your existing email “debt” (the unread emails in your inbox) and starting fresh.

A helpful tip, include in your email signature that you’ve declared “email bankruptcy” to give them a heads up.

Not convinced yet? How about I throw some numbers at you…

  • The average employee checks their email 36 times an hour!

  • 13 hours per week are spent writing, reading, deleting and sorting emails!

  • Every time you’re distracted by an email, it takes an average of 16 minutes to refocus on your work. Can we just think about that for a moment? 16 MINUTES! 

Let’s be real. Emails are TIME VAMPIRES. Yes, they’re necessary. Yes, they serve a valuable purpose. By no means am I considering doing away with emails altogether, this is just a good opportunity to hit the “refresh” button on your inbox.

If you’re anything like me, clutter in any form makes your mind feel cluttered. Do away with some unnecessary clutter, and find a small element of freedom, if only for a moment.

Click here for more information on email bankruptcy, written by people more “in the know” than myself.

This has been another helpful tip from your friends at RentMoola!

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