Don’t Get FOMO This Spring


Music festivals, camping trips, weekend getaways, shopping sprees. It seems like spring is the time when everyone is doing something. People have broken free from the chains of winter and are wildly reaching for every opportunity to get out into the world and feel alive again!

Okay maybe it’s not that dramatic, but people are doing lots of things now, and you shouldn’t be left at home with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

We’ve been working with brands across North America and abroad to give RentMoola members the most rewarding experience possible, just for signing up. Seriously, it’s that easy.

By signing up with RentMoola you instantly gain access to hundreds of different offers from brands like Starbucks,, Missguided, and much more. But right now we’re focusing on all the things that produce that feeling we’ve all encountered at least once in our lives: FOMO.

Maybe you’re browsing through Facebook, and you see that your friends are all at Coachella, as you sit at your desk job and start to boil over with envy, then you have a thought: “that could be me.”

And you’re right. That could be you. Here’s how:

Beats Travel

Beats Travel is giving RentMoola members $200 to go on their Sea Beats Tour in  Montenegro. Beats Travel revolves whole heartedly around music, festivals and working with artists and DJs from around the world. They are not your average travel company – think secret locations, cult nightclubs and underground music events – whilst providing an insider snapshot of the individuality and uniqueness of each country visited. Only 15 seats left! Claim Now!



Caesars Palace

As famous as Las Vegas itself, Caesars Palace is the best-known casino resort in the world—and with good reason. So when you see people posting photos of reenactments of The Hangover, you can rest easy knowing that that can be you for a lower cost. RentMoola members can stay at Caesar’s Palace with our latest MoolaPerk for as little as $49 a night! Claim Now!




If, for some reason, the music festivals aren’t for you, then at least you can get the look for a lower cost.

Missguided believes that fashion is a right, and not a luxury. Get pointed in the right direction with the hottest celebrity looks using the following link.

You always need new clothes, right? Then you’ve come to the right place to get some new. Screw the haters saying you have too many already. Missguided is your one-stop shop for women’s fashion and we’ve got your back babe. RentMoola has added Missguided to our list of MoolaPerks to make your shopping experience just that much better. Missguided gets new stuff hitting the internet every single day and with thousands of styles live at any one time, you’re guaranteed to wanna add to bag no matter what you’re shopping for. Claim Now!



Columbia Sportswear

Tired of those top-of-the-mountain selfies that you aren’t a part of? Get in on the action and look good with our MoolaPerk with Columbia Sportswear.

Shop for Columbia Sportswear discounts from the comfort of your own home with the best perk around, and make it more affordable to get outside!

Passionate outdoors lovers know them as one of the top names in outdoor gear with their innovative, high-quality performance products that keep you comfortable and protected from whatever nature throws your way. When you shop Columbia Sportswear while taking advantage of our perk, you can set off on any excursion knowing you’ve got a little extra cushion in your budget to buy the things that really matter. When you’re done being a smart shopper with discounts on Columbia’s gear, make sure to get out into the great outdoors and conquer the world! Claim Now!




Dreaming of the backpacker life? Hostelworld offers a unique, shared and social experience to allow travellers to get under the skin of what hostels have to offer. Hostelworld is the global leader in online hostel reservations, with over 33,000 properties in 170 countries. Right now, RentMoola members can take advantage of a trip to Thailand and stay at the Aura Thematic Hostel for up to 30% off. Claim Now!




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