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As you may already know, RentMoola has partnered with a variety of lifestyle brands to give RentMoola users discounts to amenities such as groceries, entertainment, travel, restaurants, transportation and TV & Internet, and Car2Go is one of them!

Right now, RentMoola members have access to $35 off their Car2Go ride! Learn more about our MoolaPerks here, and stay up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter and hear about our latest MoolaPerk additions.

What is Car2Go?


“Your car is everywhere.”

A car2go is always a pleasure to drive: just take it, drive it, park it. Simple and straightforward. You can always find a vehicle in your area. You open it with the member card you receive after signing up. You go from A to B, park your car2go again and that’s that. It’s fun, saves money and helps the environment.


How does it work?

4Wherever you are, there’s a car2go. You can take any of the car2gos you find distributed around the spot or book online 30 minutes before you want to drive. That way you can save yourself the wait and get to your destination faster. At your destination you can either leave the vehicle, or go back to it if you want to drive further. There’s never been such a flexible way to get about!



Member Cards

imagecar2go starts here and now with your online application. Just enter your info, follow the instructions after you submit, and relax. Member cards will be mailed 5-7 business days after registration, and from that point on you will be able to begin using car2go.

If you lose your member card, you can deactivate it here on the website in your personal Car2Go account.




What does it cost?

5Car2Go should always put you in a good mood and the same goes for our pricing. Our calculations are fair and always in your favour. For starters, you only pay when you use it. No monthly fees or rental subscription packages. No reservations required. And our one-way model means there is no need to waste the time you’re paying for by returning the car to the same location that you began your trip.





For more information, visit their website

We at RentMoola are always pursuing new partners to add to our already wide range of brands to choose from across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. So if there is a brand that you’d like to see on our list of MoolaPerks leave a comment below or send us an email at

Happy Renting!

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