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Vetted cleaners • Online payments • 100% money-back guarantee

RentMoola members in the UK, rejoice! We’ve recently partnered with Hassle, a cleaning agency that you can book online, for an affordable price, and have quality and trusted cleaners take care of your home. Take some time to yourself to do the things that you want to do, and let Hassle take care of your pesky cleaning duties for you. Right now, RentMoola members can take advantage of a 2 hour clean for just £1! To learn more about this perk, visit our MoolaPerks page.

Why Choose Hassle?

Find a great cleaner nearby

No matter where you live, just enter your postcode and 60 seconds later Hassle will match you with a pre-vetted, experienced cleaner in your area — one who’s just right for you.

Trusted and vetted cleaners

On you’ll only find cleaners we’ve met and interviewed ourselves – cleaners they’d be happy to have clean their homes. Just to be sure all their cleaners are also checked by a third party checking service called Onfido. With, you’ll always have peace of mind.

No more cash! Pay your cleaner online

With all payments to your cleaner are managed online via debit or credit card. They will automatically take payment so you don’t have to do anything.

No minimum contract and no recurring fees

To use their service, they just require a one-off deposit which will come off the cost of your first booking. Everything after that is entirely up to you, at no further cost.

They’re not an agency

All their cleaners are independent, self-employed cleaners. You’re always in a direct relationship with your cleaner. Think of them as an introduction service for cleaners in London.

Money back, no questions asked

If they can’t find you a cleaner in London, or if you’re not happy with the service of a cleaner on your first booking, they’ll refund your deposit right away, no questions asked.

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