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With Father’s Day coming up, RentMoola has the perfect gift to give your old man! Wet your whistle and satisfy the growl in your stomach with One Under’s expertly crafted menus, and enjoy a round of golf… All at the same time!





Centrally set in Vancouver’s Financial District, One Under is a 5000 square foot urban golf club, eatery, and watering hole. The venue boasts six industry leading golf simulation bays, crafted cocktail bar, lounge, private party/meeting room and chef inspired italian pizza menu.




One Under’s golf simulation bays are powered by the proudly Canadian industry leaders at HD Golf. Whether you’re in to play a round at one of the best golf courses in the world, compete in a long drive or closest to the pin contest, or just to hit golf balls at windows in an old building, we’ve got you covered making sure you’re doing it on the best equipment possible.




One Under’s food menu was carefully crafted to offer our customers great tasting, high quality items that will satisfy a brief lunch break, corporate meeting, or evening nosh session. One Under provides a full menu in a cushy environment with a centrally located wrap around bar and nook lounge. In terms of drinks, they provide something for all palates with rotating local craft beers, wine on tap, signature cocktails and great scotches. With comfortable places to mingle with friends and well located televisions for catching the game, they’ve got you covered.



Right now, RentMoola users can enjoy 15% off their golf simulator reservation at One Under! Just in time for Father’s Day!

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