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Rent is probably your biggest bill each month, so we want you to get rewarded for it. RentMoola lets you earn rewards so you can make the most of each rent payment. Paying your rent via credit card allows you to not only build credit but it also gives you access to things like travel points or cash back depending on your card. As an added bonus, you also receive access to our exclusive MoolaPerks page.

Pick A Card

Before you decide what specific card you want, you should decide between the two main types which are cash back cards and travel points cards. There are many different rewards cards available, but some may be more suitable for your needs than others.

Our Rewards Maximizer gives you instant access to some of the best rewards cards on the market and lets you search by bank, average monthly spending, card type and more. Knowing your spending habits and searching for an appropriate card is important because you want to maximize your savings as much as possible. Many cards will offer more cash back on certain purchases like gas, but this becomes obsolete if you don’t own a car. Doing your research is the key to getting the most benefits, which is why the Rewards Maximizer lets you easily compare cards and packages.

Paying your rent with your credit card doesn’t just get you rewards points but it also can help you build credit. This can help you in the future with loans, insurance, and even future rentals. It’s a win-win situation because the more times you pay your rent on your credit card the more rewards points you’ll earn while boosting your credit score.

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