How to Find a Roommate in NYC


New York City is one of the most vibrant places to live in the world. That said, it costs a hefty penny to live in this concrete jungle where dreams are made of. So how do the 8.5 million NYC residents make it work? To help offset sky-high housing costs, it is very common for New Yorkers to have a roommate (or several) well past their college years. Unless you’re bringing in large sums of cash, plan on having to cohabitate. That’s not to say this route isn’t without challenges. Finding a suitable roommate can be just as nerve-wracking as the apartment hunt itself. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives to Craigslist to help you find a roommate in NYC.


This one is a no-brainer. If you’re looking for someone to live with it’s a good idea to hit up friends and colleagues first. Leverage those handy social media accounts. New Yorkers move quite often so if you start your search early enough, you’re bound to find a vacancy. Plus there’s comfort in having a sense of familiarity with the person you’ll be sharing close quarters with.


Symbi is next best thing to finding a roommate through a friend of a friend. It takes the guesswork out of finding a roommate with their matching system. Users have the option to search for an open bedroom in an existing apartment, or a roomie to go apartment hunting with. All of Symbi’s users are verified, and an algorithm to match compatible roomies.


Diggz is another roommate matching site that pair people based on their lifestyle and personalities. They will compile your best profile matches and users are able to “like” profiles of potential housemates they are interested in. Diggz sends a notification of your “likes” and if it’s mutual, then you can choose to chat.


This roommate matching app operates in twenty cities and provides a dating app style system of pairing potential roommates. Users can post listings for vacancies and message each other within the app. As an added bonus, if Roomi makes your search a success, they’ll send you some housewarming swag.


Looking to just rent a room in an existing home, potentially avoiding the dreaded broker’s fee? Then Naked Apartment’s room for rent feature may be for you. Simply select your neighborhood and budget, and they’ll generate a list of potential apartments instantly.


Written by: Kimberly Turner

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