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Finding a home is tough, you want it to be within your price range, in the right neighbourhood, close to the right amenities, surrounded by great neighbours (or at least tolerable neighbours), and with all appliances in working order. The right balance for all of those things are nearly impossible, and we are often forced to make compromises for some things. Know what’s even harder than finding a home? Finding someone to share a home with.

Let’s say you’ve found your dream home. It’s close to your school/work, it’s on the right bus route, it’s close to a grocery store and a pharmacy, it has in-suite laundry, but there’s one catch. It’s a two bedroom, and there is just no way you can afford it on your own. Maybe you’re single, or maybe you’re not ready to make that leap of living with your partner. All your friends have either found places to live, and you’re stuck to find a stranger to share a home with. Yikes.

Suddenly, finding a home seems like a piece of cake. Now you have to consider all the variables that come with finding a roommate! Thankfully, the internet has provided us with some very helpful resources for being able to find the perfect roommationship in Toronto.


Roomster connects people at all price points, in 192 countries. With 24/7 customer service and an always expanding community of users, Roomster is the best way for people to monetize their extra space and make it available to a membership of authentic individuals.


If you’ve ever rented a unit, you’ve probably noticed how difficult it can be… Philippe de Rouville, Roomlala’s founder, was convinced “there must be a better solution out there. He noticed a lot of rooms were desperately empty in houses and a lot of people were desperately looking for an accommodation. How about we put them in touch?”

Before, the rental process was an overwhelming task that required tremendous effort, door to door travel, and usually a real estate agent fee. has simplified the process of renting apartments and rooms by creating a full service rental medium where Landlords and Tenants meet without exhausting efforts or agents. Most rental agreements are 90% completed before you have to leave your computer terminal.


Kangaroom helps you find roommates and rooms to rent. We’ve designed Kangaroom using some of the latest technologies to provide an immersive experience across all modern phones, tablets and computers. We’re still in beta right now and are rapidly improving the functionality of our product.

Toronto Roommates

Looking to live with a roommate in Toronto? is your online guide to finding a suitable shared accommodation in the city of Toronto. 

Rent a Room or find the perfect roommate in Toronto at Easyroommate the Web’s N°1 Flatshare site since 1999! With more than 1,5 Million Visits last year.

Roomie Match

Find a roommate in Toronto without scams, spams, or scums. We take out the trash for you. Human-moderated roommate service.



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