Flatbook – The Sabbatical of a Lifetime is Here!




Knowing you have to pay rent while you’re away is the worst way to start a summer.

With Flatbook, you can say goodbye to lost rent. In 2012, they set out to solve the subletting problem one lease at a time, and last year alone they saved leaseholders over $500,000 in rent. The best part that is they do it all at no cost to you.



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With Flatbook, you don’t have to worry about anything being left behind when you’re away during the summer. Flatbook stores your things in a secure facility, free of charge. Flatbook will also protect your home by offering $10, 000 in damage protection. And at the end of the summer, Flatbook welcomes you back to a home that’s even better than you left it.

The best part? This is all done at no cost to you.

Too good to be true? Here are some facts to back it up.

In each city that Flatbook operates in, they with their their Regional Manager, an interior designer, local artists, and a professional photographer who apply their skills to rearrange your space and improve its look.

Afterward, Flatbook makes it easy for travelers to discover your place online. Let’s say your rent is $2, 500 per month: Flatbook might be able to charge $250 a night. Whatever’s left after Flatbook pays your rent goes into helping more people benefit from Flatbook.

Put simply, Flatbook takes care of your home when you’re away travelling the world, perhaps, somewhere on a Contiki adventure perhaps?

Click here to read testimonials from Flatbook users, and to find out how you can apply for the Flatbook Sublet Program – and receive an extra $300 on top of your rent!

What will you do with your summer?









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