As an expat for most of my life from living in Shanghai and currently in London, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate RentMoola’s service to secure my home here in London without needing a bank account and avoiding the timely hassle and expense of bank wires and trips to the bank. In fact it was in Shanghai where my personal frustration began with paying my rent. Imagine having to go to an ATM 5 times a week at the end of every month just to withdraw enough cash to pay your rent and pay crazy high bank fees and get nothing for it! Well that’s what I did for years and I finally realized there had to be a better and more convenient way to make this payment that gave me some perks, I also knew I wasn’t alone in facing this painful experience.

We realize some people ask us about our fees, truth is we are very transparent about our service fees and while we know we can’t please everyone we allow renters and home owners globally make payments with ease any where in the world and we believe in giving back via our MoolaGood program by supporting Habitat for Humanity.


Philipp Postrehovsky

The author Philipp Postrehovsky

Philipp is the Co-founder and COO of RentMoola. He's a disruptive marketer, creative think tank, social media leader and a passionate philanthropist. He's also a breaking news junkie and will do almost anything for some burrata cheese!

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