How To Get Your Tenants To Pay Online


The future is now, and RentMoola is way ahead of the curve. This year, the government of Canada has already begun phasing out hand written cheques. Canadian individuals and businesses will no longer have the option to receive any kind of funds from the government and must enrol to receive direct deposit. This means all those days sending and collecting hand-written rent cheques are numbered!

RentMoola stands above the competition by offering the most reward for their users, but sometimes Property Managers who use RentMoola need some tips to help their tenants transition into an online payment system, so here are some tips:

1Show Them The Benefits

Let your tenants know what they’re in for when they sign up for RentMoola, because sometimes telling them to visit a website isn’t enough incentive. Let them know that they’re going to be able to enjoy the convenience of choosing the payment option that works best for them (including credit cards, direct debit, and money order). Additionally, they won’t have to worry about any payments bouncing, or missed deadlines with the benefit of setting up recurring payments. And if that isn’t enough, remember to mention any other kinds of perks that come with signing up for online rent payment systems, in this case MoolaPerks. Members can sign up for a RentMoola account and be the happy beneficiaries of deals and discounts to over 100 different brands, products and services in their neighbourhood for things like entertainment, clothing & apparel, transportation, restaurants, travel, and cable & internet.

4Don’t Waste Time

Take advantage of the opportunity to tell your tenants upon move-in about the opportunity to pay their rent online. What better way to start with your best foot forward than letting the tenants know that the building they’re living in is modern, tech savvy and convenient.

3Reward Your Tenants

Few things engage users (or in this case, tenants) more than gamification (turning a regular system into a rewarding game). Holding contests gives renters extra incentive. Notify them that if they sign up for online payments, they’ll be entered to win a prize of X amount, or a gift card to a local business or restaurant.

2Make It Mandatory

This year the government of Canada has started phasing out hand-written cheques altogether, so why not stay ahead of the curve? Offer your tenants the most up to date way of paying their rent, and give yourself the freedom and peace of mind of using the most secure and convenient method of accepting rent payments.

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